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Take the step towards complete healing and achieving your self-improvement goals.

My Therapies:

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Gestalt Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Reiki Healing


Indian Head Massage

You can book your own appointments Online 24/7.

Please feel free to contact me Hypnotherapy in Zurich, Switzerland, to request an initial 30-minute consultation free of charge.

This will be an informal talk as to how I can help you. I also feel its very important to communicate before hand so we can get an idea of how we can work together,  to make the necessary changes in order for you to live the life you deserve. 

I can also provide Hypnotherapy sessions by phone, as well as online via FaceTime and Skype.

I look forwards to helping you achieve your goals.

Your English speaking Therapist in Zürich/Zurich

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Hypnotherapy Zurich

Sangita Hothi

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CH-8008 Zurich

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