Hypnotherapy in Zurich


With Sangita Hothi

welcome to my practice for hypnotherapy holistic therapy in zürich Zurich

Hypnotherapy in Zurich

 My name is Sangita Hothi, I am an English speaking Hypnotherapist in Zurich and a Holistic Practitioner. I have been working in this field for over 15 years where my clients truly amaze me with their strength and determination to change their lives.

As a therapist, I help my clients to move ahead in life and clear whatever is holding them back. We work together to create new avenues to achieve and to seek a new outlook and a fresh perspective in life.

Through an informal conversation, we can begin to take steps forward to suit every individual client and their needs. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see my clients transform their lives with new and exciting beginnings.

I have a wide spectrum of knowledge and together we will explore a suitable path, whichever has the best fit through Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy, EMDR Therapy, NLP, Regression Therapy, Reiki Healing and Reflexology.

My working methods also sometimes gives me the opportunities to combine my therapies as of when the requirements fit. I am extremely adaptable and will find a way of helping you. I will be the best Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practitioner I can be for you.

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